File Setup




It takes a digital file to make your project happen. The laser cutter uses a file made up of lines or “vectors.” The laser follows these lines either etching or cutting the material of your choice. If you have a digital vector file that is ideal. If not send us an image or whatever you have and we can help you make it into a digital vector file. IF you already have a vector file you can help cut down time and cost by laying out your file so it fits on our laser cutters’ bed. We have two laser cutters, one with a bed that is 18″ x 32″ and another with a larger bed that is 24″ X 48″. It will also speed up your project if you put the line work on different layers and make the layer names descriptive. For example: layer 01 – cut, layer 02 etch, layer – 03 sheet, etc.

We are happy to prepare your files for you, but this time will be additional to the laser cutting time for your project.

We accept many types of CAD and Vector file formats. The most common are: .ai, .dwg, .dxf, and .3dm.