Leather & Fabrics

We are able to cut many different Leathers and Fabrics. A wide variety of Leathers and Fabrics available locally and online.  However, we do not offer material sourcing services for Leather or Fabric.

It’s important to check your material, if there is creasing, or curling, it will cause issues with our machines if we cannot get it to sit flat.   Leather hides often have curling and creasing towards the outer edge.  We may need to trim your material down to avoid issues while cutting.

For any other questions about laser cutting your fabric or leather see our contact page to consult with us.

Finished Leather

Finished leather can present a challenge as some finishes will cut differently than others.  We may need to run a test cut to makes sure the results will be as crisp and clean as you want it to be.

Unfinished Leather

Unfinished leather doesn’t contain the chemicals that are used to seal leather.  It tends to produce a cleaner result as any browning can be more easily cleaned.


Synthetic Felt is a great option for laser cutting.  Synthetic felt cuts really easily and consistently.  Natural felts cut cleanly however, the burning hair smell can be a bit overwhelming!


Fabric, from canvas to neoprene can be cut on our machines.  Remember to bring a little extra for us to test to make sure we can calibrate our machines to cut perfectly.


We provide laser cutting for a large range of clients across many industries: