We can cut a variety Of materials. Some of the more common materials we cut are listed below. If you don’t see the material you would like to use, send us an email with the description of your project and material and we can let you know if we can cut it hello@anyline-ny.com.

Material Sourcing: We don’t stock a large amount of laser cutting materials, but we’d be happy to source the material for your project at an additional cost. To ensure that we do get the right material, we’ll need you to provide us with specs. We’re conveniently located in Manhattan, so you can also drop off your laser cutting materials if that works best for you. If you’re planning to use a material like wood or leather where every piece is unique, it might be best for you to source the material to ensure that you get the look and feel you are after.



Special Projects

Although the materials listed above are the most common, we can cut and etch many other materials. Below is a chart with an expanded list of materials. Blue means we can either cut or etch the material. Hatched means we most likely can cut or etch the material but it depends on how the material is finished and may require a prototype and/or deposit.

The quickest way for us to prepare a quote for you is to fill out our quote form here: Anyline Order Form. Once you have filled out the form email it to hello@anyline-ny.com along with any other information you think will help us understand the specifics of your project.

Although we are located in convenient location in Manhattan it is best to set up an appointment to insure we are not with other clients and are available at a time that is convenient to you.

We provide laser cutting for a large range of clients across many industries: