Paper is one of the most ideal materials to cut with a laser; it’s simple to add tiny details as well as intriguing textures. Cardboard is also a popular choice for many similar reasons but with the added benefit of versatility and a thicker material. Cardboard is also low-cost, which works out nicely if you need a large supply of it for a project.

You can trust our cardboard and paper laser cutting services at our New York location to provide you with the best results. Our machines produce sharp cuts and a quality final product.
We cut and etch paper, and we can also cut and etch cardboard up to ¼” thickness. Keep in mind that, like other materials, paper will scorch along the edges during the cutting and etching process. This will affect coloring in the finished project.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of paper, we’d be happy to source the material for you at an additional cost. Furthermore, be sure to contact us if you need help creating a digital vector file. Get in touch with us for a quote on a paper laser cutting service or cardboard laser cutting service.