Paper Products can be a quick way to create prototypes for die cut projects, topographic models, and more.  We can cut fluted cardboard up to C, and a wide variety of construction paper, mat board and chipboard.

Though our machines are not true die cutters, laser cutting can be a great option for smaller quantity runs.

Lighter color paper may show a light burn color on the edges, while darker paper will appear much cleaner.  Thinner papers will be easier to cut with fewer burn marks.

We do offer sourcing services for select paper products.  For more specialized papers, we would ask that you provide that for us to ensure the correct material is selected for your project.


We can cut Cardboard up to 1/4″ thick.  The most common type we cut is C-flute.


Chipboard is a great choice to keep your material costs low.  It can be easily painted, glued, and etched.  If you’re dropping it off make sure that all of the pieces have the correct side facing up, as they may slightly vary in color.

Mat Board

Mat board and Illustration board are rigid enough to be able to hold really intricate detail for cutting.  For lighter colors it may save you some time to paint your pieces after cutting to get rid of any exhaust marks left by the laser


We can cut paper of many colors thicknesses and textures.  We’re always happy to run test cuts to show you how the paper you’ve selected for your project will cut.

We Provide Laser Cutting For A Large Range Of Clients Across Many Industries: