Once we have received a vector file or artwork from you we can give you a quote on your project. With out an understanding of your artwork or the materials you plan on using for your project we cannot give you a quote. Our quote will be based on the actual cutting time, along with any prep time, and computer work that is necessary to finish your project.  We will need your files to generate a quote so the quickest way to receive a quote is to send your artwork to hello@anyline-ny.com.

We are happy to help you with any part of your project, but if you would like to reduce the cost of your project the best thing for you to do is take on as much of the preparation, for instance things like cutting material down to the size of the laser cutter before you hand it over to us will save you money.

The biggest factor in generating a quote for your project will be cutting time. The more intricate your artwork the longer it will take to cut. A single sheet of cutting can take a couple of minutes to more than a couple of hours depending on the artwork.

The laser is very accurate and will follow the lines in the file you draw. One main thing to consider for engraving is if you want your shapes, letters, etc. filled in. This will increase the time and cost considerably.

The quickest way for us to prepare a quote for you is to fill out our quote form here: Anyline Order Form. Once you have filled out the form email it to hello@anyline-ny.com along with any other information you think will help us understand the specifics of your project.

Although we are located in convenient location in Manhattan it is best to set up an appointment to insure we are not with other clients and are available at a time that is convenient to you.

We provide laser cutting for a large range of clients across many industries: