Whether you need a wood sign for your business or wood etchings for an independent project, our wood laser engraving service provides exceptional results. We cut up to 1/4″ and etch on anything that fits inside our machines.

Results may vary from wood to wood.  If you’d like to use an unusual hardwood it’s not a bad idea to run a sample to get an idea of how it’s going to look.

We can source 1/4″ plywood, MDF as well as a limited selection of hardwoods.


Plywood comes in a variety of thicknesses, qualities, treatments, and colors. With alternating grain direction it can be an ideal choice for parts that may have thin areas or need gluing.


Hardwoods are a great choice.  Each has it’s own qualities that might make it ideal for your project.


MDF is fine composite particle board.  It’s easily sanded, painted and glued.

Reclaimed Lumber

Aged and Reclaimed wood can produce one of a kind results.  We’ll have to inspect the pieces to make sure we can work with them effectively.

We provide laser cutting for a large range of clients across many industries: